We are seeing an increase in interest in DIY and first time waste oil heater buyers.
Summary of Canada's Waste Oil Heaters Regulations by Territory. Specific rules and regulations in each area will ensure proper disposal of used waste oil.
Fanning Excavating Inc. is a utility construction company providing a variety of services for Rock County, Wisconsin residential and commercial customers. In business since 1946, Fanning continues strong due to strong leadership, dedicated employees and smart business practices.
Fans have been used to provide comfort for centuries. As far back as 500 BCE, people in Southeast Asia relied on punkahs — handheld fans fashioned from bamboo strips or other plant fibers — for relief from the stifling heat. Fan technology has evolved quite a bit since then, but our desire to keep cool persists. Big industrial fans offer one of the most effective ways to beat the heat in spacious facilities.
When YouTube user Everything Elliott was looking for an economical way to heat his shop, he purchased a Lanair XT300 waste oil heater and then did what he does best: created a video to document the installation process.
This article analyzes why energy prices are on the rise.
The Wall Street Journal reported that natural gas prices had nearly doubled year-over-year from this June to last June, and analysts suggest prices might be even higher later this year.
Auto repair shops in the United States are saving millions of dollars by recycling their waste oil and using it to heat their shops.
It's time to do our annual summer clean out!
We share our tips to keep your heater performing at its best as we head into the end of the season.