About Us

Lanair founder, Les Marzahl, began building and selling waste oil heaters in the 1970s — during a time when a crippling energy crisis was affecting the United States and other Western nations. Tinkering around, he realized he could make his own heater and sell it. Like many entrepreneurs, he decided to go into business for himself. In 1976, Les and his wife Nancy formed Lanair Products in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The first heater manufactured was crude by today’s standards and technology and relied on vaporizer technology. Essentially, the users would add waste oil to a drip pan, light the heater with newspaper, and the gas vapors would burn for eight hours. It proved to be an efficient way to dispose of used oil and generate heat.

As technology evolved and stricter regulations for oil disposal were enacted, demand for waste oil heaters ignited. Consumers discovered that waste oil heaters were an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas and other energy sources, providing free heat for shops and facilities.

With a product that saved consumers money and made a positive environmental impact, Lanair focused on designing DIY waste oil heaters that were easy to assemble right out of the box. We supported the clean energy movement long before it was fashionable to do so and remain one of the top resources for energy-efficient heating solutions in the global marketplace. Companies that want to go green while cuttingcosts turn to Lanair for a “clean” start. It’s a legacy of innovation we are proud of!

Today, Lanair is the largest manufacturer of factory direct sold waste oil heaters in the world. With energy prices climbing ever higher and a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, the waste oil heater market is poised for continued growth. We remain committed to developing user-friendly products that help reduce both your overhead costs and your carbon footprint.