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MX75 Waste Oil Heater w/ Roof Kit

The MX-75 comes with all the standard features of our larger models, but with a vertical design for tight spaces. This package includes a 6" Roof kit. Product is not eligible for 0% Financing offer. Freight Shipping Charges calculated at checkout.

Weight: 320.00 lbs

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Heats up to:1,700 sq. ft.

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Up to:75,000 BTU

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Fuel Input (GPH):0.54

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Need a Heater That Can Fit Into Tight Quarters Without Cutting Any Corners?

Just because it is the smallest of Lanair's MX Series of heaters doesn't mean that the MX75 doesn't pack a punch. At 75,000 BTUs, it will heat up to 1,700 square feet. And unlike the larger models, it was created with a vertical design that helps you maximize valuable workspace.

Unstable fuel prices, disposal costs, and pesky heating bills are worries of the past when you recycle used oil into a free source of heat. MX Series waste oil heaters help you transform used waste oil that is 50-weight or less, as well as transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, crankcase oil and diesel into clean energy.

Along with a 6" roof kit, the MX75 also includes all standard Lanair heater features, including an onboard air compressor, metering pump, draft gauge, low fuel cutoff, floor-mount capabilities, and a cleanable in-tank strainer. The heater also comes preassembled for easy installation.

If you need a hand after you get your heater installed, Lanair has you covered with plug-and-play replacement parts and free phone support for life.

If you think a waste-oil heater is too big a deal for your small shop, think again. And think MX75.


Fuel Flow Rate 0.54 gallon/hour (2.0 L/hour)
BTU 75,000 BTU/hour (21.98 kW/hour)
Heat Rise Over Input Air 100°F (250°F max outlet temp)
Air Flow 500 CFM
Warm Outlet Dimensions 10" x 12.5" (no ductwork allowed)
Exhaust Flue Diameter 6" (15 cm)
Unit Dimensions 75"H x 21"W x 26"L
Unit Weight 210 lbs.
Tank Storage 10 gallons
Shipping Dimensions 84"H x 36"W x 36"L
Shipping Weight 320 lbs.
Approved Fuels Used crankcase oils, ATF, No. 2 fuel oil
Electrical Requirements 115 VAC 60Hz, 8 amps
Connect to 10 amp circuit breaker (15 amp max)
Warranty 1 year
Area Coverage Heats ups to 1,700 sq. ft.
Mounting Bolts to non-combustible flooring
Flue Exhaust through 6" Class A flue

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