Lanair Waste-Oil Heater - Pump Motor & Coupler Troubleshooting

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  • Lanair Waste-Oil Heater - Pump Motor & Coupler Troubleshooting

Pump Motor and Coupler Troubleshooting a Lanair Waste Oil Heater

In this video we will discuss how to troubleshoot the fuel-pump assembly on a Lanair waste-oil heater.

If you are trying to diagnose an issue with your heater’s fuel-delivery system, this video should help.

Safety Precautions & Prep

It’s important to follow safety guidelines when working on mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment. Only allow qualified technicians to work on your system and ensure that the appropriate personal protective equipment and safe practices are used throughout the work.

Before beginning, refer to the product instruction manual and ensure that the unit is properly installed and the fuel-priming and burner-startup procedures have been attempted.

If the system will not successfully prime or deliver fuel continue with this troubleshooting process.

Step One

For safety, set the thermostat to its lowest temperature setting so that it will not attempt to start working at the pump.

Step Two

Remove the cover from the fuel-pump assembly to expose the coupler.

Step Three

Find or make a marking on the coupler to make it easier to confirm changes in its position.

Step Four

Make sure hands and tools are cleared away from the fuel-pump assembly, then establish a call for heat to the unit by setting the thermostat to its maximum temperature setting. If the red light on the burner’s primary control is indicating that the unit is locked out, you will need to press the reset button on the top of the primary control to reset the burner. The unit should now attempt to start operating.

Step Five

Observe the fuel-pump assembly’s coupler, looking for rotation.

If the coupler is consistently rotating without slipping or emitting unusual noise, the issue is likely with the pump itself.

Step Six

Attempt to bleed the pump of air that may be binding it.

Step Seven

If this does not resolve the issue, refer to the product manual for how to service the pump’s internal strainer or contact Lanair technical support for further assistance.

Step Eight

If the coupler does not rotate when there is a call for heat, check the shaft of the motor for rotation.

Step Nine

If the motor shaft does not rotate, further troubleshooting is required. Contact Lanair technical support for further assistance.

Step Ten

If the motor shaft rotates but the coupler does not, inspect the coupler for damage or stripping.

Step Eleven

If the coupler is damaged, replace it with a new part and make sure that the assembly’s fit-up and alignment allow it to work without damaging or prematurely wearing the new coupler.

Contact Lanair by phone or at for replacement parts.

Step Twelve

When the motor, coupler, and pump are all working properly, turn the thermostat to its lowest temperature setting again and reattach the cover to the pump assembly.

The fuel pump is now ready to return to normal operation.

We hope this video was helpful in servicing your Lanair Waste-Oil Heater …and getting you back to enjoying America’s best value in heating!