LANAIR Waste Oil Heater Provides Cost Savings and Employee Comfort

  • Fanning Excavating Inc. | Construction & Excavation, Janesville, WI

  • Shop Heating & EPA Approved Used Oil Management

  • Estimated $8,000 savings in heating costs per year!


    Fanning Excavating Inc. is a utility construction company providing a variety of services for Rock County, Wisconsin residential and commercial customers. In business since 1946, Fanning continues strong due to strong leadership, dedicated employees and smart business practices. 

    The Challenge

    Fanning Excavating had an abundance of used oil and wanted an environmentally safe way to consume the used oil to their financial benefit. 

    The Solution

    Fanning purchased a Lanair waste oil heater and installed it in a 5,000-square foot shop used for winter maintenance and fabrication. With plenty of used oil available — they burn approximately 1,500 gallons a season — they are able to keep the temperature at about 70° all winter long, allowing their employees to work comfortably without the need to bundle up. The forced-air heater they relied on previously struggled. 

    The Results

    In addition to improved employee comfort and better working conditions, Fanning Excavating enjoyed significant energy cost savings. They estimate their heating bills averaged $2,000 a month, or about $8,000 over the course of the season, prior to installing the waste oil heater. After installing a Lanair waste oil heater, their monthly heating bill dropped to ZERO! 

    “I would recommend a Lanair used oil burner to anyone who has the ability to acquire used oil to burn,” Co-Owner Roger Fanning says. “The Lanair team has been simply fantastic to work with through the years. They have great knowledge, but better than that, they are just really good people who want you to have a good heating unit.” 


    Fanning Excavating has a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of the used oil generated during their operations while keeping their shop employees comfortable year-round.  

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