Lanair Commercial Fans

Lanair commercial fans set the standard in affordable, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Industrial HVLS Fans. This fan is perfect for small businesses with warehouses, workshops, garages and other spaces needing big air movement on a small budget. For many industries climate control presents a big challenge. Loud machinery, ambient heat, hard manual labor, heavy equipment, and storage of sensitive goods often require consistent air circulation and comfortable temperatures.

Cool Workshops More Efficiently

Get ready for summer. HVLS fans move large volumes of air creating a wind-chill effect. This can make the indoor temperature feel up to 15 degrees cooler than it actually is, providing optimal comfort in hot working conditions.

Use HVLS Fans All Year Long

This HVLS fan can run in reverse, breaking up hotter air trapped on the ceiling and circulating it down to ground level where it’s needed.

HVLS Ceiling Fans Deliver A Cooling Circulation

HVLS fan air circulation also helps control dangerous moisture. Warehouses need to stay clean and dry. When too much moisture accumulates, the goods stored in the warehouse are at risk. Depending on what type of products you’re storing, this could mean massive losses. Additionally, poor climate control could cause some companies with industry regulations to fall out of compliance, leading to costly fines.

Perfect for Industrial Areas

HVLS and industrial fans are the perfect, affordable solution. Powered by a reliable, industrial-grade gearmotor, it’s ready to help you all year, keeping you cool in the summer, warmer in the winter and protecting your goods and equipment from harmful moisture and condensation.

Check out the specifications, order yours today, and then get back to work faster with a whole new level of comfort and security in your shop, warehouse or garage.