Big Industrial Fans Improve Comfort & Performance

Fans have been used to provide comfort for centuries. As far back as 500 BCE, people in Southeast Asia relied on punkahs — handheld fans fashioned from bamboo strips or other plant fibers — for relief from the stifling heat. Fan technology has evolved quite a bit since then, but our desire to keep cool persists. Big industrial fans offer one of the most effective ways to beat the heat in spacious facilities.

How Fans Cool You Down

There isn’t much difference between standard fans you might use to cool a bedroom or living area and big industrial fans…other than size, of course. Fans don’t actually cool the air, but they produce airflow that causes your body to feel cooler; the fast-moving air currents generated by fans displace warmer air that comes into contact with your skin, causing sweat to evaporate through a process known as convective heat loss. But enough of the science talk: The bottom line is, fans make you comfortable when it’s hot and stuffy.

To truly be effective, you need a fan large enough for the space being cooled. While a ceiling fan in the bedroom is more than adequate, hanging one in a shop or warehouse won’t do much good. Big industrial fans are needed to do the job in settings such as these.

Benefits of Big Industrial Fans

Big industrial fans work because they are designed with purpose built components from heavy duty materials that generate air circulation powerful enough to cool down much larger spaces than general purpose fans. Thanks to their size, a 59” diameter AMS Fan can produce airflow as wide as 50’ over a distance of 100’. That makes them ideal for automotive and service shops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, fitness centers, and more — any large, open space where a lot of people congregate. 

There are many reasons why this is important. Big industrial fans:

  1. Improve human comfort and productivity
  2. Are more energy efficient, which translates to lower energy costs
  3. Offer a quieter work environment
  4. Help eliminate odors and fumes
  5. Are durable and built to last
  6. Provide year-round comfort, circulating cool air during the summer months and pushing warm air down to the ground in the winter

AMS Fans offers two types of big industrial fans: the AirFocus is designed to be installed from a ceiling or wall, and the AirMobile is mounted on wheels for flexibility. 

If you’d like more information about our big industrial fans, contact us today. We’re happy to help you “go with the flow!”

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