81013025 – XTD300 Waste Oil Heater

Includes XTD300 Waste Oil Heater
We combine the latest burner technology with the latest lean manufacturing efficiencies to produce a quality, reliable heater at the lowest price in the industry.
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Weight: 490.00 lbs


Factor in unstable fuel prices and escalating disposal costs and you'll see why purchasing a Lanair XT-D Series GHeater is indeed "The Right Choice at the Right Time!"

The XT-D 300 Waste Oil Heater now burns 100% used synthetic oil and comes standard with an east access hinged chamber door for easy clean out. It also features a large clean0out side-access panel to the collector box. Some of the new improvements made to the XT-D models are: easy to remove burner, a noncontinuous spark thransformer, an hour meter, and a prime sqitch. All of these features make it easy for those who compate...buy Lanair!

Products specifications
Heat Range (BTUH)* 300,000
Fuel Input (GPH) 2.1
Fuel Type†

Waste oil (used crankcase oil up to 50 wt), used synthetic oil, used #1 and #2 fuel oil, used C.C. synthetic ATF #1 and #2, used automatic transmission fluid

Fuel Type Used crankcase oil up to 50 wt (conventional or synthetic), used automatic transmission fluid, #1 and #2 fuel oil (diesel)
Heating Area (sq. ft)** 10,000
Power Supply (AC) (2)-120 V-60Hz 2 Legs
Cabinet Dimensions (H-W-D) 36" x 45.5" x 54"
Hanging weight (lbs.) 696
Chimney Pipe*** 8" Class A
Compressed Air**** 2 CFM - 15 - 18 PSI
Combustion Chamber 10 Gauge CRS
Ductable Option Yes
Chimney Location Top and Left Side